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"Music in the Museum" is a musical project focussing on rare music that employs plucked instruments from the Renaissance to the Romantic era. The concerts take place in the Baroque room of the "Stadtmuseum" (Municipal Museum) in Ingolstadt. As a rule about 6 concerts are performed during the winter months.

Together with artists who have specialised on the respective repertoire Ulrich Sommerrock has performed some 25 concerts since 1999. The programmes have comprised lute songs from Elizabethan England, Baroque cantatas and sonatas, music for three lutes, Romantic songs and duets, Romantic music for the violin and the guitar, Russian romances, music for mandolin and basso continuo e.t.c.

All the concerts have been performed on period instruments in accordance with the performing habits of the respective period.

The highlights of several concerts have been recorded on Cd. (See discography )

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